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Trip to International Greetings

Bit of an early start but all for a good cause, today we went to International Greetings to see how they, what their processes are and hopefully get some inspiration!

At arrival we were taken for a short talk about the company, the type of clients they have and the standards which they work too. There were plenty of mood boards and prototype boards displayed everywhere which got my creative juices flowing, and the room we had the introduction in were filled with colour schemes!

We were taken on a tour of the building, shown where the designers work and got a general feel of the way the company works. They deal primarily with Christmas, and had some fantastic displays.

I had a much better understanding of what is expected of this project after today. I now know that i am to design for either their high end market, Tom Smith, which is a very classy, elegant range, or their high street brand Giftmaker. unfortunately i am not allowed to put pictures up of what i seen but after our visit i am fairly sure that my personal style of design will fit well with Giftmaker. My use on frisky, bright colour and often abstract style can shine through Giftmaker, and i have an idea of my Theme, but thats for another time!