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Psychedelic thoughts

when trying to decide what theme to go for i went through various different stages and ideas, I knew I wanted a fun, bright colour palette, oranges, pinks, purples, dark blues, so I wanted to choose something that fit the palette. The palette I choose from WGSN is forecast for S/S 17 and is called Encounter Culture, I am going to remove and add a few colours to create my own original palette. My initial idea was to some sort of fashion sub genre, I looked at alternative fashion and was interested in the shapes and colours of the clothing, getting ideas to lino print some crazy shaped clothes.

I then went to other cultures and fashion styles, looking particularly at Harajuku, I really liked the use of colour, but decided they were more pastel than I’d like to use.

After researching more i then looked into eras instead, browsing over the 90s, but I do tend to get inspiration straight from the 90s so tried to look for something a bit different. I browsed the 80s and was tempted, but then I stumbles upon some pictures from Woodstock 1969…. wow! I knew i was onto something, even though the pictures were mainly black and white, I loves the shapes, prints and patterns of the clothes, even the vans!


I am absolutely blown away with the late 60s early 70s flower power scene, but really wanted to get more colour in there, so I then started to research psychedelic 70s….

After this what im left with is a floral, psychedelic, 60/70s theme, name TBC