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Keri Smith, How to be an Explorer

Our ‘friday tasks’ (self explanatory) have been taken from a book created my Keri Smith, so as additional research and to start filling my studio book, I started completing some of the tasks, or what Smith calls ‘Explorations’. This creative book is filled with weir and wonderful things to complete and document, im currently looking at exploration #33, Arrangements. The idea is to collect something in mass (im thinking leaves, scraps, trash) and lay them as you like and just experiment with them, I want to do some drawings and rubbings with different media of the patterns and textures I find and document the outcomes.

Note to self: get the ball rolling on this one, start collecting!!

Her blog is an interesting read and great for inspiration too!

Other Explorations i have completed are #20, small thoughts and #26 document things used in daily routine.

keri smith

In my field group we coincidentally ended up using Smith’s book are inspiration for our own creative and documentation book, as a group we had to create five tasks each, all including a place to document the findings. I came up with my ideas by thinking of things i would like to do in my day, but never think of doing, they worked very well. The task book is in the process of being binded so havent actually seen the completed book myself, but here are some pictures of my mind map of task ideas and example pages, enjoy!

field book field book1 field mind map 1 field mind map