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The Travellers Diary

Here is my groups presentation of our final product, The Travellers diary, which shows how our idea developed and how we produced the book.



travellers diary finished presentation


A Travelers Diary. Field task successfully completed

During this term we were put into groups with students from all subjects within the art and design school, and asked to create something linking to Migration.

Admittedly i was lazy to start with and nothing seemed to grip me, but as out ideas progressed it became more exciting. As i mentioned in a previous post I have been looking at ┬áKeri Smith’s ‘How to be an explorer of the world’, her work influenced our final idea greatly. we wanted to create something in which you could document how you might migrate through your day, wherever you may be. We decided to create instructions or tasks for the reader to complete, with ┬ápage to record or document the results. we had to think of 5 instructions each, I tried to think of things i would like to do as i start my day, but never actually do.

As a textile student it was up to me to design the cover. after researching similar travelers documentations i decided to go with something eye catching and mysterious. So i made a patchwork cover with scraps of fabrics from around the house, and left the book untitled. My idea is that someone will see this book, patchwork cover, no title and ponder what the book could be about, then as curiosity works its magic, the book will be investigated and loved!

I was really pleased with the result and am really hoping that i get to keep the book, we only produced one and there are 5 in our group…

Here is the final product (apologies if the pictures are unclear) HANDS UP IF YOU WANT TO COMPLETE THE TASKS!

IMAG0184 IMAG0185 IMAG0186 IMAG0187 IMAG0188 IMAG0189 IMAG0190 IMAG0191 IMAG0192 IMAG0193 IMAG0194 IMAG0195 IMAG0196 IMAG0197 IMAG0198 IMAG0199 IMAG0200 IMAG0201