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IG Consultant reflection

After having my work looked at at International Greetings consultants, I am required to leave a reflection of the comments. Below are pictures of my final collections (unfortunately they arent close ups of the designs themselves but pictures of the display). As expected they weren’t completely impressed with my choice of designs, not that i found this a bad thing because i understand that the type of work i design may not be the kind of work they are looking for. I was a little disappointed however that that didn’t look past my title, insisting that i have fluorescent colours because ‘that’s what psychedelic represents’

I wanted my collection to represent actual psychedelic experiences, the warped images of a person who is indulging in ‘trippy’s’. I understand now that this is hard to do, as not everyone had had psychedelic experiences.

I do completely agree that my background material is over powering and is a clash, because the material i used you could say represents a ‘classic’ psychedelic flower power, with particularly bright colours and bold use of lines where as my work used flower power as inspiration, rather than literally, and used more intricate floral patterns, created through using diy block prints, scanning and warping them digitally.

Over all i am happy with my work, and i really enjoyed exploring different typed of hand relief printing. I appreciate the comments from the IG consultants and agree with their choices of winners. I never really expected my work to make it to their studios because i don’t believe my style as a designer suited what they are looking for, however i really enjoyed designing for them and particularly enjoyed getting to the their design studio and they way things work in a fast paced design environment.


Trip to International Greetings

Bit of an early start but all for a good cause, today we went to International Greetings to see how they, what their processes are and hopefully get some inspiration!

At arrival we were taken for a short talk about the company, the type of clients they have and the standards which they work too. There were plenty of mood boards and prototype boards displayed everywhere which got my creative juices flowing, and the room we had the introduction in were filled with colour schemes!

We were taken on a tour of the building, shown where the designers work and got a general feel of the way the company works. They deal primarily with Christmas, and had some fantastic displays.

I had a much better understanding of what is expected of this project after today. I now know that i am to design for either their high end market, Tom Smith, which is a very classy, elegant range, or their high street brand Giftmaker. unfortunately i am not allowed to put pictures up of what i seen but after our visit i am fairly sure that my personal style of design will fit well with Giftmaker. My use on frisky, bright colour and often abstract style can shine through Giftmaker, and i have an idea of my Theme, but thats for another time!

New year, new brief

Hey guys! Back to uni after a fun summer, time to knuckle down!

So first day back to uni and something crazy happens…. I have an allergic reaction to something and my top lip swells up, I looked like Lesley Ash! I felt this wasnt  good start to my new uni year, but I wasnt going to let that stop me.

The brief this term works with International Greetings, one of the worlds biggest designers, manufacturers, importers and distributors of gift packing, greetings, stationary and creative play products.

We are expected to choose a theme and following this, create a moodboards, present a range of mix media marks and drawings, samples and finally a collection for International Greetings, chosing from either;

Option 1                                                      

Co-ordinating range of paper based greetings products to include the following:

  • Gift wrap roll and sheet
  • Gift bag
  • Gift tag
  • Ribbon
  • Gift bow
  • Greeting card


Option 2                                            

A range of line extension cards:

8 Greeting cards with 1 theme -1 design per card

We are expected to create something original and exciting, and to develop a new product with a unique selling point, for example;

  • A special/ inventive fold for a card
  • New shaped gift bag
  • A new finish or surface treatment
  • A new card concept (e.g. cards that are framed as an after use)

so… time to do some research and get a theme!