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Digital Breif. Floral Perfection.

So this term is the dreaded digital brief…. i say dreaded because personally i struggle with technology, im very much a dirty hands kind of gal, id much rather have my face in a tub of paint than a computer screen, but i cant deny that designs done using Photoshop and illustrator can be outstanding! I further understand that if i want to progress in the textiles world then digital is just something im going to have to learn. Now i dont mean to sound negative towards this term, i am looking forward to furthering my knowledge and getting my hand digitally dirty!


Here are some of the designs i have been researching, looking at 60’s prints, tattoo designs and embroidery motifs. i think they could all contribute to interesting designs once i learn how to use them!

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A Travelers Diary. Field task successfully completed

During this term we were put into groups with students from all subjects within the art and design school, and asked to create something linking to Migration.

Admittedly i was lazy to start with and nothing seemed to grip me, but as out ideas progressed it became more exciting. As i mentioned in a previous post I have been looking at  Keri Smith’s ‘How to be an explorer of the world’, her work influenced our final idea greatly. we wanted to create something in which you could document how you might migrate through your day, wherever you may be. We decided to create instructions or tasks for the reader to complete, with  page to record or document the results. we had to think of 5 instructions each, I tried to think of things i would like to do as i start my day, but never actually do.

As a textile student it was up to me to design the cover. after researching similar travelers documentations i decided to go with something eye catching and mysterious. So i made a patchwork cover with scraps of fabrics from around the house, and left the book untitled. My idea is that someone will see this book, patchwork cover, no title and ponder what the book could be about, then as curiosity works its magic, the book will be investigated and loved!

I was really pleased with the result and am really hoping that i get to keep the book, we only produced one and there are 5 in our group…

Here is the final product (apologies if the pictures are unclear) HANDS UP IF YOU WANT TO COMPLETE THE TASKS!

IMAG0184 IMAG0185 IMAG0186 IMAG0187 IMAG0188 IMAG0189 IMAG0190 IMAG0191 IMAG0192 IMAG0193 IMAG0194 IMAG0195 IMAG0196 IMAG0197 IMAG0198 IMAG0199 IMAG0200 IMAG0201

Keri Smith, How to be an Explorer

Our ‘friday tasks’ (self explanatory) have been taken from a book created my Keri Smith, so as additional research and to start filling my studio book, I started completing some of the tasks, or what Smith calls ‘Explorations’. This creative book is filled with weir and wonderful things to complete and document, im currently looking at exploration #33, Arrangements. The idea is to collect something in mass (im thinking leaves, scraps, trash) and lay them as you like and just experiment with them, I want to do some drawings and rubbings with different media of the patterns and textures I find and document the outcomes.

Note to self: get the ball rolling on this one, start collecting!!

Her blog is an interesting read and great for inspiration too!

Other Explorations i have completed are #20, small thoughts and #26 document things used in daily routine.

keri smith

In my field group we coincidentally ended up using Smith’s book are inspiration for our own creative and documentation book, as a group we had to create five tasks each, all including a place to document the findings. I came up with my ideas by thinking of things i would like to do in my day, but never think of doing, they worked very well. The task book is in the process of being binded so havent actually seen the completed book myself, but here are some pictures of my mind map of task ideas and example pages, enjoy!

field book field book1 field mind map 1 field mind map


So in uni i’m currently basing my creations on migration, through the city, day, life, whatever. At first i looked at this brief with my eyes closed and didn’t really see the possibilities, guess thats what they call having a closed mind, which i’m certain i don’t.

I started to see my classmates ideas unfold but all i could see was architecture and  Cardiff 50-something years ago, all very interesting but the thought of basing my work on old buildings or industrial movements was killing me, so i decided to look quite simply at people i see in and around the city. primarily i intended to look at buskers, the homeless, and the drunk nightlife, but after a few weeks of work i have subconsciously  leaned more towards buskers and homeless. I feel its a little invasive taking pictures of people who may be less fortunate then myself, so pictures of homeless people have been a task, as for buskers i just take a picture and give them some change



images (1) This busking woman has inspired alot of my work, i’ve drawn her and stitched her using different techniques such as felting , cording, freehand and a great new technique of painting on bond-a-web and ironing it onto my sample before its been stitched.



HUD2009004H0-0182This image tells it how it is, I have used this image as inspiration but not used the image itself yet, i want to use it as some sort of print.

homeless-womanThis woman, Agripina Gheorge is a personal favorite, im unsure whether she was homeless or just a beggar but she is currently banned from Cardiff city center for antisocial behavior. i had a number of personal meetings with her, little was ever said other than ‘can you spare any change’ over and over. her face is so interesting, the lines could tell so many stories, i want to use her in my final piece but am having difficulty as she would be very hard to freehand stitch and am currently tampering with the image to try and make a print of her.