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My studio book developing… slowly…

So im pretty good at leaving things until the final weeks to do, so lately i’ve been butting the last 2 months thoughts on paper and trying to develop my ideas. As i’ve recently blogged, my brief is ‘migration through the city’ and i have chosen to look at the people of the city, the intoxicated public, homeless and buskers. Here is a quick update of what kind of research i have been responding to, using drawings and stitch. I’m  currently lacking print work but have every intention of including some in my sample and research.

homeless-woman studio book 6



images (1) studio book5 studio book4 studio book2 studio book1



images studio book3



So in uni i’m currently basing my creations on migration, through the city, day, life, whatever. At first i looked at this brief with my eyes closed and didn’t really see the possibilities, guess thats what they call having a closed mind, which i’m certain i don’t.

I started to see my classmates ideas unfold but all i could see was architecture and  Cardiff 50-something years ago, all very interesting but the thought of basing my work on old buildings or industrial movements was killing me, so i decided to look quite simply at people i see in and around the city. primarily i intended to look at buskers, the homeless, and the drunk nightlife, but after a few weeks of work i have subconsciously  leaned more towards buskers and homeless. I feel its a little invasive taking pictures of people who may be less fortunate then myself, so pictures of homeless people have been a task, as for buskers i just take a picture and give them some change



images (1) This busking woman has inspired alot of my work, i’ve drawn her and stitched her using different techniques such as felting , cording, freehand and a great new technique of painting on bond-a-web and ironing it onto my sample before its been stitched.



HUD2009004H0-0182This image tells it how it is, I have used this image as inspiration but not used the image itself yet, i want to use it as some sort of print.

homeless-womanThis woman, Agripina Gheorge is a personal favorite, im unsure whether she was homeless or just a beggar but she is currently banned from Cardiff city center for antisocial behavior. i had a number of personal meetings with her, little was ever said other than ‘can you spare any change’ over and over. her face is so interesting, the lines could tell so many stories, i want to use her in my final piece but am having difficulty as she would be very hard to freehand stitch and am currently tampering with the image to try and make a print of her.