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The Menstrual Cycle Exhibited

Carina Ubeda, from Chile collected blood from her menstrual cycle for 5 years, then using embroidery hoops, she displayed 90 pieces of soiled cloth, embroidered the words ‘Production’, ‘Discard’ and ‘Destroyed beneath each stain, and set up and exhibition at the Center of Culture and Health in Quillota, the cloths, which Ms Ubeda used instead of tampons or pads, are presented as ‘an abstract image’, her work represented the menstrual cycle.

Like Casey Jenkins, Carina’s reasons for dong this work is similar to my own, her thought on this closely relates to what I spoke about in my Dissertation regarding female body empowerment, our reasons for decoration, exploiting, exploring our bits being an example of women showing who is in control of our bodies.

In an article featured in the daily mail about her exhibition she says;

‘We can create life,’ she said. ‘[These comments] are a little expected of men, however, some of the female comments fill me with sadness.’

And Silvana Sáez added: ‘Male blood is celebrated for being brave while ours is a shame.

‘This won’t change until we release our body as the first stage of political struggle, repression and male power of centuries.’

Her comments are in response to some of the comments left about her work, some calling it ‘Disgusting’, ‘Why would anybody want to see this?’, people have gona as far as to say ‘Oh my….that is disgusting! I do not have a degree in art, but I’m still sure it’s not art!!’ and commenting that Carina is ‘one sandwich short of a picnic’.

I do see the controversies in art such as this, having your period is as natural as breathing air, it may not be beautiful to look at but who said art has to be beautiful! It;s the meaning behind the work that people aren’t seeing because society has forced a feeling of shame an embarrassment on things as natural as our human form!


Confronting and abstract? Placed in embroidery hoops, 90 pieces of the soiled cloths hang next to dangling apples, which are meant to represent ovulation

Marks of women: Miss Ubeda then stitched words like 'Production', 'Discard', and 'Destroyed' below each of the stains



Digital Breif. Floral Perfection.

So this term is the dreaded digital brief…. i say dreaded because personally i struggle with technology, im very much a dirty hands kind of gal, id much rather have my face in a tub of paint than a computer screen, but i cant deny that designs done using Photoshop and illustrator can be outstanding! I further understand that if i want to progress in the textiles world then digital is just something im going to have to learn. Now i dont mean to sound negative towards this term, i am looking forward to furthering my knowledge and getting my hand digitally dirty!


Here are some of the designs i have been researching, looking at 60’s prints, tattoo designs and embroidery motifs. i think they could all contribute to interesting designs once i learn how to use them!

$_35 6fe4283b2cc76e3c3917ee46a87dd95d 17-pattern10 885cca51fb233c699400cce4aca010e3 1432700f8a58167b64c7d4b0e09a9f66 17994813-seamless-floral-background-retro-style-design bw-floral-free-photoshop-patterns ColourMultiDirectionalRepeat e8e4b94523ccee9a98b992c85ddc5ff0 f1e5a0c2f4e38455920e604d5b018f1f final floral_spray1 floral2 floral3 flower design img-thing p-80-pattern2 RL-poppy1630.3L RL-poppy1870.2L simple-floral-pattern-poppies-ornamented-seamless-bold-stylized-flowers-texture-background-web-print-home-decor-30657130 stylizedflowerstalk thumb Untitled

My studio book developing… slowly…

So im pretty good at leaving things until the final weeks to do, so lately i’ve been butting the last 2 months thoughts on paper and trying to develop my ideas. As i’ve recently blogged, my brief is ‘migration through the city’ and i have chosen to look at the people of the city, the intoxicated public, homeless and buskers. Here is a quick update of what kind of research i have been responding to, using drawings and stitch. I’m  currently lacking print work but have every intention of including some in my sample and research.

homeless-woman studio book 6



images (1) studio book5 studio book4 studio book2 studio book1



images studio book3