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External examiner

Last week I got to meet the external examiner, Dr Melanie Miller. Although I was very nervous, the short but sweet meeting went very well! Dr Miller seemed to like my idea, and was very interested to see how I would take erotica, a theme most often used in art and convert it to textiles. After looking at the (unfinalised) designs, She made a good suggestion that I might think about what a man/woman might want to see and consider my audience, suggesting that a lesbian woman could be really interested in a wallpaper featuring the use of women but not men, and vice versa. I do agree with this, and I am thinking of separating the two for the majority of my designs, but I would like to experiment with the two together. 

All in all I think the meeting went well, I took on board what Dr Miller had to say and will continue to think about this as I design my collection. 


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