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New year, new brief

Hey guys! Back to uni after a fun summer, time to knuckle down!

So first day back to uni and something crazy happens…. I have an allergic reaction to something and my top lip swells up, I looked like Lesley Ash! I felt this wasnt  good start to my new uni year, but I wasnt going to let that stop me.

The brief this term works with International Greetings, one of the worlds biggest designers, manufacturers, importers and distributors of gift packing, greetings, stationary and creative play products.

We are expected to choose a theme and following this, create a moodboards, present a range of mix media marks and drawings, samples and finally a collection for International Greetings, chosing from either;

Option 1                                                      

Co-ordinating range of paper based greetings products to include the following:

  • Gift wrap roll and sheet
  • Gift bag
  • Gift tag
  • Ribbon
  • Gift bow
  • Greeting card


Option 2                                            

A range of line extension cards:

8 Greeting cards with 1 theme -1 design per card

We are expected to create something original and exciting, and to develop a new product with a unique selling point, for example;

  • A special/ inventive fold for a card
  • New shaped gift bag
  • A new finish or surface treatment
  • A new card concept (e.g. cards that are framed as an after use)

so… time to do some research and get a theme!