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How has Field and Subject informed each other?

This year although very different to each other, field and subject have very much informed one another, not on such obvious levels like theme, but method and design progress. In fact the only time during field that I could link themes was my work experience at Rockola-Reborn, as the store specialises in retro and vintage clothing, many from the 90s I got a lot of design inspiration and most importantly discovered Camille Walala who I have used a lot for inspiration in my design work and samples!

I would say that my first term of field was most transferable to subject, firstly as I worked with textiles and print and secondly because I worked with vintage garments, but when I look back over my time working for Lovenskate in London I realise I took valuable skills away with me that weren’t necessarily learned at the job, things such as time keeping, professionalism, which I do believe has helped me so much with the subject, and seeing how things go from design to product. I would say the strongest tie between field and subject were working in print, learning new methods and seeing how methods I may have already learned being used at a professional business level.

As for the second part of field, at first I didn’t think that I would be able to link it so subject in any way, but this is why I say that it happened in less obvious ways. ‘Are you sitting comfortably’ was something that I had never done before, or even considered doing, and I struggled to get into the designers frame of mind (which was very unusual for me) but as the weeks progressed I really learned a thing or two about design process, although both this and subject have a similar process, research, sketch, narrow down, choose etc, I had a lot less time to do it in, so I learned a valuable lesson while here, and that was learning to do thing a step at a time and in the right order, which is something I’ve often struggled with!

Each part of field and subject were very fun and its only when reflecting on my blog that I realise how much I learned from and how many of my new skills will potentially help me as I start my career, which to me is so important as I went into certain areas of this year with a slightly negative attitude, I think this was mainly to do with trying something new and not knowing what the outcome would be, but to conclude, I am extremely happy with the final outcomes of both areas! I really couldn’t have done one without the other, and am happy to say that I’m very proud of myself, I feel I have come a long way this year and intent to do the same again next year!