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Shop Floor Whore

while doing my reserach i came across Shop Floor Whore. they are on asos market place and their collections are incredible! bright, furry and bold, exactly what im looking for!!


This turban will be mine!!


Self-reflective statement

Part one of subject has been really exciting. I was particularly happy to know that I would be able to work and research within the fashion textiles industry, but also gained a lot and got inspiration in places where I didn’t think I would find it, such as in the stationary and paper and interiors research.

After reading the brief, ideas came flooding to me which was great, it made research really enjoyable. I’d decided from the beginning to base my project and research on fashion textiles and it couldn’t have been more prefect for me. I chose to look into vintage designers and 90s style which was really fun for me because I practice this in my personal style. So not only was my research helping me develop ideas for my project but for my wardrobe too!

My project theme has given me such a wide spectrum of techniques to try. So far I have mostly made samples in print, using heat pressing and batik. I intend on exploring loads of other techniques before I design my final collection. I have been in print workshops but have found it harder to develop my ideas there. I think I am going to create patterns in print and then stitch onto them for texture effect. I also p0lan on using Photoshop to scan in come of my current designs, zoom crop and create a repeat pattern.

Something I haven’t done as much of as id like is mark making, but I have realised after going into workshops that without marks to wok from my designs sometimes have to direction, which hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing but I would like to have marks to refer too when designing and experimenting.


To conclude, the term so far has bene thoroughly enjoyable and I am really happy with my progress. I encourage myself to stay focused and interested and am really looking forward to taking the next steps towards my final collection.



Caighli Taylor for SassyWorld

Caighli Taylor is a budding designer that had just launched a collection for sassyworld! her handpainted dress and bright furs are AMAZING!!


dress_1_large rainbow_fur_coat_large

Asos Marketplace is where dreams are made!

I am probably one of the last people on earth to descover asos market place, but i did, and its amazing.

Its a beautiful place where you can shop new labels, independent brands & vintage from around the world or open a boutique to sell your own designs!

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