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Hypothetical Design Commission brief to SassyWorld

For my current project i have been asked to create a hypothetical design commission brief to my chosen company/designer.

I have chosen SassyWorld as i LOVE their choice of bright and eccentric retro items and intend of creating a collection that just screams sassy!

so here is my brief, and supporting mood boards, enjoy 🙂

Hypothetical Design Commission brief


To create a textile collection for the Fashion textiles market, for the company SassyWorld.

To explore and document the theme of 90s Bright’s and Clash.


To look into and report on the targeted market of young adults with an open attitude fashion and who aspire to stand out and make a statement.

To study and review trend/forecast journals and websites to learn style and colour trends for the season of S/S 2015.

To summarise all relevant aspects of the concept on a series of visually inspiring mood boards showcasing SassyWorld, presenting my colour board and theme for my collection.

To produce and log a body of drawings, paintings, markings, prints and collages taken from research, experimenting with different print, stitch and digital techniques, as appropriate for the retro/sassy clothing market.

To creatively develop ideas and select images using methods such as mark making, print techniques, scanning and manipulating images also creating prints using illustrator and Photoshop.

To produce a selection of samples and croquis designs on a range of appropriate, well researched and sustainable fabric substrates.

To sample with technical processes such as dyeing, screen printing, heat transfer, batik, stitch, digital stitch and printing, cutting and hopefully laser cutting, to a growing professional standard.

To present a final collection of croquis designs some of which will also demonstrate;

Alternative colour way designs

Co-ordinating design groups

Accurately repeating pattern designs

To illustrate and present selected designs for fashion in CAD visual, demonstrating how the designs are able to be related to girls fashion and the overall look of the prints when brought together.

Context and Market cliental:

I chose to work with SassyWorld because the colours textures and prints of the company’s lines really appeal to me. SassyWorlds’s house style is bold, vibrant and eccentric with a nod to the 90’s. Garments often feature strong prints, bright colours, clashing textures and fabrics all either are real vintage or designed to a vintage look.

SassyWorlds’s designs are generally inspired by vintage magazines and designers, such a Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Versace and Moschino.  One of their most recent shoots was inspired by the costume design of 90s hit TV show, The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, this trend fit perfectly with my collection ideas, with the bright geometric prints and bold, brazen style. I think through building on existing ideas I will be able to create a collection in keeping with the SassyWorld style, but also personal to my ideas and sense of style.

I also feel my theme is suitable for the client, who is likely to be young, sassy, women aged around 17-30. Current customers often range from students and designers/creative individuals to women just looking to make a fashion statement. I am confident my collection will work successfully with the target client and will be taking inspiration from current collections and adding my personal touch in order to stay in connection to the companies cliental.

Research base:

To research what designers most influence me in my work, what style and colours most fit in with my chosen company. Document my own markings, designs and research that can be reconstructed to fit with my company’s persona. Look at WGSN,, Vogue magazines and other relevant journals to gain up to date knowledge on what trends forecasts are present at the moment and what trends are up and coming.

My Proposal

My design collection will be a vibrant, retro 90s bright’s and clash theme, with the focus very much on colour and pattern, to target a free spirited, individual and eccentric client. The collection of shirts, jumpers, dresses, trousers and jackets will become a mecca for anyone looking for that vibrant eccentric edge. With this strong, fresh style approach, along with the brazen retro colour palette, there will be influences of the urban street scene ensure the look is still retro, yet contemporary and cool.

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